Sunday, September 22, 2013

Three months from today

Above image: Kate Spade
Three months from today we'll be on a plane to Geneva, the first stop of our month-long White Christmas honeymoon.  I had better get busy with the planning.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Art & About and other things

Today was a gorgeous day in Sydney. It was too nice to stay at home, so after morning errands and a walk to the local organic markets to purchase some indulgent edible treats (including garlic smoked olives and mango, coconut and banana bread), we headed into the city to check out Art & About. We didn't get to see much because I'm still recovering from my chest infection and didn't have the energy to walk around a lot. We headed to Hyde Park to see the Field installation (and took a selfie in one of the mirrored pylons).

We also checked out the Little Sydney Lives and Sydney Life photographic exhibitions and found a few of the 24 giant snails that make up the Snailovation installation. This yellow one was in Hyde Park.

We lounged in Hyde Park for a while before heading home, with the cathedral bells ringing and the gardens flowering (I'm so glad it's Spring).

On our way back (before a quick stop at Haigh's for a coffee crunch chocolate block) I saw these super cute ice cream cone shoes (a collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld) in the window of Melissa.  I also love that Melissa shoes smell like strawberries.

Above images via my instagram

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fall looks from Kate Spade Saturday

Autumn (or Fall, as it's named in other parts of the world) is probably my favourite season for fashion.  I simply prefer block colours and structured shapes to pretty prints and delicate fabrics.  I try to get away with dressing like it's Autumn all year round, but it can get far too hot for jeans or opaque stockings in an Australia Spring or Summer (or even Autumn).  Maybe I need to move somewhere with a milder climate, so I can constantly dress like this (plus a huge coat in Winter of course).

I love these two new Fall looks from Kate Spade Saturday.  I actually have a very similar hot pink half sleeve dress that I bought from Zara a couple of years ago and I have plenty of black sweaterdresses, so I probably won't be purchasing either of these.  Then again I love the detail of the neckline on both dresses and the fact that the pink dress has pockets.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Hotel Chocolat now at David Jones

I just became quite excited upon discovering that Hotel Chocolat is now available at David Jones.

I first tasted Hotel Chocolat chocolates in Belfast a little over a year ago.  They are good!  This news calls for a trip to the David Jones food hall next time I'm in the city.

Friday, September 13, 2013

White Christmas honeymoon

It's official... flights have been booked. We're having a White Christmas honeymoon! Our month-long itinerary includes stops in Montreux, Chamonix, Geneva, Paris, Reims and New York.

I've spent a lot of the past week researching (and pinning) things to do, places to stay and (most importantly) places to eat.

So far I've only booked our first night's accommodation in Montreux, where we'll be spending the day exploring Chillon Castle and shopping/eating/drinking our way through a traditional Swiss Christmas market.

Last year's Montreux Christmas market (image from Chamonet)
From there we'll be heading to Chamonix where we're pretty much guaranteed a White Christmas. This is what Chamonix looked like on Christmas Eve last year.

Above image also from Chamonet

Madewell looks

I love these two casual looks from Madewell. I want both the 'Bien Fait' sweater and the blazer. Unfortunately Madewell doesn't ship to Australia, but I'll be adding it to my list of places to visit when we travel to New York in January 2014.

Above images from Madewell

A lovely local home

There are a few things I want to share with you tonight.  The first is a lovely home in my suburb which belongs to the owner of one of my favourite local stores, quintessential duckeggBLUE.
This home is full of beautiful antiques (not surprising, given quintessential duckeggBLUE is an antiques store) and I love the use of wallpaper and the black painted window frames.
I might steal the idea of using this black and white bookshelf wallpaper for one of the rooms in my house, where a window and a doorway prevent me from installing actual bookshelves either side of my vintage fireplace.

Above images from The Design Files
Photography by Sean Fennessy

Visit The Design Files for more images of this lovely home.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Florence Broadhurst floral designs

Here are a few photos of the floral designs inspired by the works of Florence Broadhurst currently in the windows of the David Jones Elizabeth Street store in Sydney.  They are amazingly beautiful in person.

Above images taken with my iPhone

I'm planning on heading back in daylight hours on the weekend to take another look and see if I can get some better photos of all the window displays.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Two lovely things: a bookshelf and a dress

Is it really only Tuesday? I'm so exhausted it feels like Friday. I guess I'm still getting over this chest infection and I may have pushed myself a little too hard by cycling home last night (my poor bike has been sitting in my office for the past month and I wanted to bring it home).

Here are two lovely things... a super stylish bookshelf by Studio 14...

... and an absolutely stunning dress (with pockets!) by Christian Dior.

Above: photography by Mario Principe for Vogue Portugal July 2013

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Confessions of a shopaholic: week 9

Happy first day of Spring! It was such a beautiful day here in Sydney... 24 degrees, blue skies and a slight breeze.

To anyone who's been reading my shopping confessions and thinking I'm a massive phoney because I've been so good for the past seven weeks, here's proof that I am a shopping mental case.

Today I went a little crazy. I went to Oroton to buy underwear for Harry (which I would like to point out I didn't forget), but I also bought two gorgeous silk dresses that will be perfect for Spring/Summer. Yes, they're the same and I hardly ever buy the same thing in more than one colour (except jeans and underwear), but I really loved the style and the silk and they have pockets! Dresses with pockets are my favourite thing.

The vanilla dress also led me to buy a new set of underwear because it's a little sheer and a white or skin tone bra just wouldn't do (seriously, even I don't understand where that logic came from... I'm sure a skin tone bra would do just fine).

Then I bought this super cute peplum jacket and patent leather bow belt from Alannah Hill. I pinned this jacket last night, so it was obviously meant to be.

Above images taken with my iPhone because I'm too lazy to use a real camera anymore