Thursday, December 20, 2012

Pink or polka dots

I already own a pair of Kate Spade Broome Street jeans in dark denim and I love them. I'm planning on adding another pair to my wardrobe and am currently torn between pink or polka dots.

Above images from Kate Spade

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Minimalist home

On to my second espresso martini this evening, listening to music with Harry (and occasionally jumping up to dance).  I just had to stop by to share this lovely home.

Above images from Bo Bedre via The Designer Pad

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Shiny new things

There are less than two weeks until Christmas and my list of things to do is still way too long.  So far the only decorating I have done is laid out one set of fluffy white fairy lights in the living room.  I have a busy weekend ahead, but I am hoping to find some time (and some space) to put up and decorate our Christmas tree.

At least I have now done most of my Christmas gift shopping.  I received a parcel from Kate Spade today which included a couple of Christmas gifts as well as this Garance Doré clutch for myself.

I also had time to squeeze in a little more Christmas gift shopping this evening and (as always happens) I picked up a few shiny new things for myself.

I especially love the necklace which, along with the pink earrings, came from Witchery.  It was reduced to $40 (from $80) and the pink earrings were reduced to a ridiculous $1 (from $40).  I love the pre-Christmas sales!  Don't you?  The clear crystal earrings by Lumière were reduced to $10 (from $40).

Above images taken via instagram (modeetmaison)

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Claire's Kitchen at Le Salon

Earlier this week we had dinner at Claire's Kitchen at Le Salon, a cute little French restaurant in Darlinghurst.  The food was amazing (as evidenced by the pics below)!  Apologies in advance for the grainy low-light iPhone shots.

My entrée: a parmesan basket filled with asparagus, white peach and candied walnuts.

Kate's entrée: seared scallops on pumpkin purée with micro herbs.

Harry's entrée: foie gras with croutons and pickles.

We all had the same main because none of us could look beyond duck and pinot pie served on brie and a creamy mash.  It was so good!

My dessert: chocolate mousse with raspberries and créme fraiche

Harry and Kate had the same dessert: blood orange sorbet with a shot of vodka and a macaron.

Above images taken via instagram (modeetmaison)

We've been back home for six months now and it was so nice to have a proper French meal.  I highly recommend this restaurant.  We will definitely be back.

I almost forgot to mention the decor is gorgeous too.  I wanted to walk out with a set of the dining chairs.

Above images from Claire's Kitchen at Le Salon