Saturday, June 13, 2015

A sophisticated Victorian home

This gorgeous renovated Victorian home on my street went up for auction today.  I am especially impressed by the integration of the indoor and outdoor living areas and the dressing room.  If only I had a spare $2.5million+ to make it mine.

Above images by Jellis Craig from Domain

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Country Road: shopping for the little one

I decided to spend day one of the 4-day Easter weekend doing not much more than sitting on the sofa. I did get up to cook breakfast, lunch and dinner, but aside from that I didn't accomplish much other than some well earned rest and a little online shopping.

Country Road launched their Winter 2015 collection this week, so I decided to check it out online and ended up buying a selection of lovely little things, including these two gender neutral jumpsuits.

I also bought the matching cloud & moon blanket (in the same fabric as the jumpsuit on the left) and some soft stylish baskets to hold toys and blankets in the little one's nursery.

Above images from Country Road

Monday, March 9, 2015

Melbourne real estate

Here are three stylish spaces I discovered while searching for a new home in Melbourne.

An outdoor space in South Yarra...

Above image from Jellis Craig

...a loft apartment in St Kilda (check out that view across Albert Park to Melbourne)...

Above image from Pride Real Estate

...and a penthouse apartment in Elwood.

Above image from Buxton

Pretty pastels in a South Yarra terrace

It's been a while, more than ten months, since I wrote my last post.  Around that time we made the decision to move interstate and we were extremely busy getting our renovation finished to rent out our Sydney home... it's amazing what a deadline can do to speed things along, but a little disappointing that we only got it finished in time for someone else to enjoy.

We moved to Melbourne around eight months ago.  I've been very busy in my new role, which has been keeping me engaged and challenged, and I've spent my evenings and weekends relaxing with Harry and soaking up everything Melbourne has to offer.  I haven't felt the desire to blog until recently when I started spending more of my spare time online because I have a nursery to design (I'm 18 weeks pregnant!) and we've made the decision to buy a new home in Melbourne and move out of our current rental home (a pretty Victorian cottage in South Yarra) before our baby is born.

To get me started again, here's a lovely bright white living room with pastel custom cabinetry in another Victorian home in South Yarra, designed by Fiona Lynch.

Above images from est magazine

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Dior in watercolour by Mats Gustafson

I love these watercolour illustrations of looks from Dior's Fall/Winter 2013 and Resort 2013 collections by Swedish artist, Mats Gustafson.

Above images via Fashion Gone Rogue

Friday, April 25, 2014

Paris apartment by Frederic Berthier

This Paris apartment renovated by Frederic Berthier in 2011 is perfection. The herringbone floors, white walls and luxe marble surfaces - I love it all!

Above images from Frederic Berthier

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A winter hat

I want need a winter hat. Here's my justification - a winter hat will not only keep my head warm (I already have some cute beanies and hooded coats that do that), but it will also protect my pasty skin from the harsh Australian sun (yes, that's still shining in winter) and it will look great too.

Above images (clockwise from top right): The Front Row View, via Pinterest
(original source unknown), They All Hate Us and The Oxford Trunk
This is my current shortlist.

Above: (left) Kookai fedora, (right) Rag & Bone wide brim fedora (top) and dunaway hat (bottom)

I'm hesitating because I really like the Kookai fedora, but the quality doesn't seem great and the Rag & Bone hats aren't available in Australia which means if I ordered one I'd have to risk it not fitting or not suiting me and they're over $200 (Australian) each plus shipping.